Saturday, March 15, 2014

Let your freak flag fly

Sewed up a couple of banners for the Salt Lake City tattoo convention this year. Really enjoyed making these and hope to start making more!

Saturday, March 8, 2014


This post is filler.

I wish I was the moon tonight

I've been very lucky to finally tattoo some images from old flash lately. I'm super stoked on this one on Kinsey.

Pretty Lady for a Pretty Lady

Made this babe on my friend Jesse. Are the boobs big enough? I can never tell.

The Other Apple Pie

Finally got to make this happen! Painted this on a sheet of flash about 4 years ago.

Boobs Don't Cry

Don't get into a whole argument about lactation, I really don't want to hear that one again. Milk isnt tears!

Little Cutey

Who says scorpions can't be pink and blue?

Dream Weaver

Because 18 feather dream catchers are a thing, and they are super fun.

Flower Child

Got to make this fun one for Miranda after her recent triumph over some very serious health issues.