Thursday, October 9, 2014

Painted ladies

Very few things I like more than painting ladies.

The female of the species

Is deadlier than the male. I've been very fortunate to tattoo a bunch of animal inspired ladies lately. 

The man himself

I was lucky enough to attend APE this year and hear this man speak about art and comics. Robert Williams is an incredible artist and a constant inspiration. And a sweetheart to boot.

Just tryin to help

Dreams really do come true

Awesome customer came back from out of state to get some fun tattoos. I've always wanted to do the sailor jerry snake charmer and she requested it. So stoked. Thanks girl!

Big cats are dangerous

But a little pussy never hurt anyone.


Love the odd tattoo request. Ben wanted a faceless beehive hairdo. 

Friday, June 27, 2014


Got to fix up Niko's lettering done by someone else and add a ship. Thanks!

Mommy dearest

Got to put this on one of my favorite customers Cora, to celebrate her two awesome moms!

I don't care

Finally made another painting! 

The great northern

Had the best and most incredible time in Norway and France. Made tattoos, met wonderful people, saw beautiful art, and had the time of my life. Thank you Lucky 7 Oslo!

Something special

Made this for a friend for his birthday, hope he likes it.

Promised land

Was lucky enough to put up a little exhibition at Walrus in Oakland of my embroidery, here's a few little teasers. 


Got to make this one off a painting I did earlier this year. Thanks Preston!

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Let your freak flag fly

Sewed up a couple of banners for the Salt Lake City tattoo convention this year. Really enjoyed making these and hope to start making more!

Saturday, March 8, 2014


This post is filler.

I wish I was the moon tonight

I've been very lucky to finally tattoo some images from old flash lately. I'm super stoked on this one on Kinsey.

Pretty Lady for a Pretty Lady

Made this babe on my friend Jesse. Are the boobs big enough? I can never tell.

The Other Apple Pie

Finally got to make this happen! Painted this on a sheet of flash about 4 years ago.

Boobs Don't Cry

Don't get into a whole argument about lactation, I really don't want to hear that one again. Milk isnt tears!

Little Cutey

Who says scorpions can't be pink and blue?

Dream Weaver

Because 18 feather dream catchers are a thing, and they are super fun.

Flower Child

Got to make this fun one for Miranda after her recent triumph over some very serious health issues.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

All the pretty ladies!

Prints are done and selling like hot cakes! 15x22 and 60 dollars American each!